The Design Process is undertaken in a four step process.

1. Concept Design Process

Defining the extent of works, location of various elements and known services.

At this phase of the project eScape would arrange a follow up meeting to confirm the various items from the brief with the client. The purpose of the sketch design is to communicate with the client and develop a plan which accurately shows the clients intentions.

Convey the design through various media – Design Drawings, Plans, Vibe images, Planting Palette, Materials Palette conveyed through vibe imagery on the 1:100 plan.

Present the scheme to the client highlighting the features of the design, outlining the selected materials, planting design etc… to illustrate the proposed design intent

2. 3D Modelling

eScape also offers an additional option for 3d Modelling to help visualize structures, pools, boundary walls/screens, seating etc… This can be a great tool for helping the client to visualize the proposed design intent and detailing.

3. Design Development

The Design Development phase further develops the Concept Design into a resolved set of detailed drawings ready for quoting and submission to council to get your project underway.
It includes all necessary information for elements of a design deemed to be requiring a Development Application or Planning Approval by your local council.

Items that need planning approvals are Pools, Boundary Walls, and Structures etc… and the drawings required for planning approvals include 1:100 Plans, Site Plan/Site survey showing current & proposed levels including associated levels on adjacent blocks, scaled elevations, site levels, wall heights etc.

Additional drawings are then required for elements of a design deemed to be requiring a Building License by your local council. These items tend to be the same items as the planning approval, but will require detailed structurally approved drawings to be completed, i.e. 1:10 & 1:5 Details signed and stamped approved by certified structural engineers.

The drawing set for the project will then have sufficient detail to allow for council approvals, eScape to provide a detailed quote or for tendering out of the elements of the project, should you wish to manage the process as an owner builder.

4. Council Approvals Management

eScape can manage all aspects of your project for you including the council approvals process ensuring a smooth process from engagement through to completion onsite.
For a more comprehensive guide of the Council Approvals Management, download our eScape – Council Approvals Process brochure.

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